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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007

Robby's Wall

Robby's room has only 1 wall that can be painted (the other walls are paneling and the outer wall of the house..concrete.. which could be painted as soon as we figure out how to get the wallpaper border off). These are the rest of the family from Savanna's room. I also drew them, shrunk them and re-drew them on the wall. The odd ball is Mysterio from Spider-man. The boys shared this room at the time of painting and Cody was not keen on a whole room of Spider-man characters, so he drew this one for Robby.

The Twins' Strawberry Shortcake John Deere Room

A visual walk around the twins' room ... from the door back to the door, every wall is done! Well, this is the room that started the whole mural project, so it should be the only one finished. Actually I've been noticing that there are areas that I need to go back and touch up.

Savanna's Forest Room

These two are characters from ElfQuest. I actually drew these on paper and then had to shrink them just to blow them up again. I really have enjoyed doing these murals. The girls at one time shared this room and they wanted big cats on the wall, so we found some on-line and they painted them ... also their hands are part of the decor. The last area of the room, unfinished trees and a cozy reading corner. I actually made this one first out of some old sheer curtains, a hula hoop, some fake greenery and ribbon.

Shantel's Under-sea Lair

Shantel thought is would be cool to have an under-seal room. So I got pictures of her and 2 of her best friends and added their faces to a mermaid picture and here they are sunning on the beach.From the beach scene, the room will be under water. This is the corner opposite the beach and it obviously is the mermaid's home.
These friendly dolphins are swimming happily near the door.
And we needed a quiet cozy place to read, right? I made this out of a hula hoop, some cheap material from The Attic (thrift store here) and some fabric markers that I used to draw ocean plants, rocks and sea creatures.

Cody's Room

Welcome to Cody's castle room. You are greeted by this knight in (shining) armor.

A bed fit for a king! complete with a faux 4-poster and a coat of arms. (It is the Keiser coat of arms that I found on-line.)
What kind of castle would be complete without a dragon? This dragon guards all the important stuff in the closet.
Of course we HAD to have a magician. I found this full-length Dumbledore on-line and bam now he's Cody's personal magician ... the castle room is complete ... except for the brick work and a little more color!

Our room

This is the horse that is above our bed. Scott thinks it is his horse. I've yet to do anything else in our room. The reason we even have a horse is because I was practicing for the horse in the piano teacher's daughter's room. Plus I like horses and have a few other things that will go nicely with it. :-)

Kid Stuff

I wanted a place to put the kids stuff and also felt that my room pictures probably weren't getting seen any more... so here is another blog for the kids stuff. Our other pages and be viewed here.